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Kailani Weather Station

Welcome to our Personal Weather Station

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November 7, 2014

Aloha all,

The blog is usually updated during emergency events..  Please feel free to browse through our website.

On top of that builiding (fish tank) there is a white object.. that is our PWS -- I however do have to switch things because the reception just dont go thru some walls... I will get it all live and working.. I even have a live webcam up there as well which I wanna move to the top part of the property but need to be creative...



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October 16, 2014

Got our Aquaculture Site up and running

Ever wanted to learn about aquaponics well we did and so we took UH ATOLL online class and we then got a rather large group and the teacher came out to our place in a classroom we put together and we have been doing that every Sunday - Cruise by and check out photo's videos etc...


What's Going On With Us

October 15, 2014


Tonite I figure I reconstruct the Kailani Main website especially with Ana perhaps turning into a hurricane. 

This PWS Weather station was originally a home school project for Roger that turned into a meeting place for family and friends to keep updated during times of emergency here in the islands. 

Mostly I update the information that news stations and PRH and other agencies send out... via theKailani Weather Station FaceBook page  and it then auto sends it to my personal twitter account  Lynn daSilva  .

I then also made a google plus page Kailani weather and a Kailani Weather You Tube Channel so I can upload videos of weather into there.

 A Little About Us:

As for our lil family (my kiddo's , my granny wanny (mom) , and our Herman - well we are adjusting well to our move and everyday is a new experience living here.. lots of supersized things including boars and spiders :/  

We used to live in Kailua across from Kailua boatramp but we moved to Kahalu'u .

We recently completed our Online course in which we also have a classroom here where we meet weekly with the UH ATOLL teacher D.I.T group.. So that picture above is our graduation of the aquaculture UH ATOLL program that took place here in our home in the ending of September. 


We are now doing the hands on learning with aquaponics.. and just built our system... So right after we get that we will be erecting back up our weather station and try to get a live cam up and running here. 

If you want to learn more about the UH ATOLL classes go to their website and if you want to view our class go to Our Kailani Aquaculture site and go to videos.  If you are into cooking we have our da Silva Melting Pot website and a cooking group on FB "Cooking With Hawaiian Style" Feel free to join our pages. 

So we will also be working real soon in getting a new weather station up and running active too transferring it to our new home..It's just..I sorta misplaced the monitor of my LaCross weather system got the sensors just dont have the receiver monitor.. I tell you .. No matter how much you mark boxes when moving, I''ve learned  you will always lose something  during the move..